Scuba Diaries

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The following visual diary pages are from the vacations we had spent in beautiful underwater worlds of Komodo Island, Seychelles, Maldives and Raja Ampat( West Papua New Guinea). We are totally in love with the underwater fantasy land and its adventures. Everything look like an Alien movie scene in that blue world…

They say…the sea calls out to the divers and they cant stay on the land for long. The sea is getting destroyed at a very rapid rate. We hope we do something very quickly or else these fantasy lands with fairytale surreal creatures wont be there when our children grow up. S.O.S world ! see what you would be missing…..











Buoyancy control practice at 10.4 mtrs…. when a school of 20 to 25 barracudas decided to join the practice too…. what a beautiful moment when we exchanged glances….a moment frozen at 10.4 mtrs.


Spotting a huge Hawk Billed Turtle meditating quietly at 18 mtrs….NIRVANA at 18mtrs


Going round and round the massive corals, searching beneath them…we finally found the Giant lobster protecting its cave at 16 mtrs….scary but beautiful…. a Treasure Hunt indeed at 16 mtrs..


14mtrs down…and i see my instructor suddenly clapping her hands in front of a giant Vagina like opening…..soon to realize its a Giant Clamp….BIG enough to take u fully in…


Getting carried away sideways along the sea current suddenly at 10.4mtrs we realized some giant shadow lurking just above us….a bumpy head Napoleon Wrasse….quietly observing the two tiny divers getting drifted along the sea current..


Practicing buoyancy control at 10.4 mtrs…. we got a very inquisitive marine student who came between us and was trying to figure out the secret of buoyancy control….serious scuba training at 10.4 mtrs….. 


Ascending after a BC jacket opening exercise underwater…suddenly we spotted a completely camouflaged crocodile fish on a similar looking textured coral, calmly waiting for its meal….Hide and Seek at 6mtrs


Exploring along the reef at 8mtrs…a horse face trumpet fish gently passes by amazing me of its weird shaped face.


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