Memories bring back memories

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… in memory of the incredible duo who taught us ‘how to live life’…

…its been years that they have parted but they still stay really close to our hearts and life, every thing we do and every bit of fun we enjoy, they both always stay in our mind.

This duo, Potapych, a gentle giant Neapolitan Mastiff and Patch, a big dog in a small package, the little french bulldog, came to our life almost 13 years back and made us realize that life is not always in the fast lane… sometimes you need to live for yourself, sometimes you need to sit back, relax, rewind and replay, sometimes you need to breathe free, feel the child inside you, do mistakes, learn, unlearn…. and recycle childhood…. so that you come back fresh and join the fast lane again with much more energy and power… since then we are surely living every moment of life and continuing their legacy…

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