Handcrafted boutique patisserie

Client: MIYU

Miyu project was an extensive project which comprised of A-Z of brand building. We first started with creating a brand personality. We developed a brand moodboard for the brand, like a concept art – to show how the brand would look and coomunicate with its audience. This was followed by developing company identity system – logo, corporate stationery, brand colours and forms.

Thereafter we proceeded with product packaging design. Store design with wall interiors were developed. We designed various physical collaterals ranging from price tags, menus, pamphlets, uniforms to various communication materials for social media communication.

Corporate Stationery Design

Packaging Design

Shop Interior Graphics

Print Catalogue

We designed the entire food styling of the products and the photography moodboard. Each and every product was meticulously styled, designed and shot. Then we developed an extensive information catalogue to show the products, ingredients and pricing.

Launch Campaign Posters

We designed various promotional posters during the launch of the products and the store. They comprised of mall campaigns, online announcements and newspaper pamphlets.

Website Landing Page

We planned and designed the visual system and information heirarchy of the corporate website.

Pop Up Stores

We designed shops and outlets for exhibits and pop up stores throughout the city.

Social Media Campaigns

We designed various social media promotions during and after the launch announcing various products and offers.

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