Fingerprint Films

Design for media

While creating identity design for Fingerprint Films, the first thing we wanted to do away was the image of “fingerprint”.

The ad industry is all about instantness. Instant noodles, instant happiness, instant gratification, instant money transfer….so fast food is an apt example or our modern world – which is quick qnd pleasure giving. Of them, the most versatile isfingerchips, which is the ultimate symbol of our commodity driven world. And when one eats fingerchips, the taste and the oil remains on the fingers and spreads wherever the consumer touches. That is how the name and work of the company spreads, not by self-publicity, but through their consumers and clients.

So in all print collaterals we had a faint hint of the finger oil marks. This, mixed with the visual cues of pop art ( which is also a symbol of commercial commoditised world) resulted in something fun which is also a great conversation starter. “Why fingerchips?” The chips were also designed in a way so as to give a subtle hint of a director’s hand

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