Design For Agro Fertiliser company

We designed the entire branding system for the Aries Agro corporate programme of Krishi Vigyan Vahan. It was a mobile van planned for selling fertilisers and pesticides . These vehicles would go to the doorstep of the remote villages and sell products to the farmers. They would also share various information. In the vehicle graphics, we spoke about the story of the vehicle itself. The style has been inspired by the tribal Warli paintings and given a modern twist.

Blink Fashion
21 August, 2017
Art Direction, Web Design

Information design at grassroot level

We designed a series of fertisilers for the company which would be sold countrywide. They all had well planned information and colour coding which would be easy to understand and used by the end users.

Product information catalogues

Various communication materials were designed and developed by us. Information hierarchy, colour coding and usage were researched and designed.

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