design for hospitality industry

Worked under Design Temple

We have worked for the Taj group of hotels on various projects from one week festivals to extensive corporate branding of Taj palaces – the heritage hotels.

The project dealt with the brand communication of the entire chain of hotels. Tje brief was to create an identity system common for all the three hotels – Taj Rambagh palace, Udaipur Lake palace and Umaid Bhawan, Jodhpur.

An unique visual design system had been created for the 3 hotels which aptly communicates the feel of these palace hotels rich in glorious history but which have the most modern amenities suited for todays’ high profile living. These hotels are like jewels in the history of time. The ambience and the architecture speaks of royalty, luxury of time, space and resources and unmatched hospitality.

The various collaterals were designed following the heritage hotel theme, which were again subdivided into three categories ( with design modifications and colour coding) for the three separate hotels following their individual characters.



design for events

The Martini festival took place when three famous bartenders of the Taj Group of hotels came together and created magic with experimental martinis. The brief was to create a high fashion and quirky campaign.

The campaign was given the name “Martini Men” to pun on the “X-Men” kind of movies.

These creative people came together and thought of experimental drinks …and also the people who would be drinking would have something unusual going on the inside of their heads. From these two ideas the entire event campaign was thought of and designed.

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