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johnny soko and the flying robots

Animation + Graphics


We create meaningful visual design experiences.

We are design explorers – we are calculative, well prepared risk takers. We dive deep into the projects to come up with the most innovative solutions for animation/VFX for TVCs, branding and strategy, print, web and apps.

Animation & VFX
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Graphic Design

Went to school. Had a big fight. Saw a pink elephant in the clouds. Watched our favourite serial *Johnny Soko And His Flying Robot. Ah! my day is made.


Today we are all ‘grownups’ and we realise that we have lost the pink elephant…and our schoolmates.

Assembly line robots working 24×7; is this how Johnny Soko’s robot lives on in us?  Perhaps not…

In this age of recycling, can’t we recycle our childhood? Recapture the lost wonder and passion? View everyday things with that magic eye of imagination? This is our sole “vision and mission” of our company. To see things with a fresh new pair of eyes, and to think with a new free mind so that we can come up with innovative solutions for your projects. We go beyond the normal trending “template design” and give your project that much needed full throttle so that your project becomes much more meaningful and shines through the clutter. Welcome to our world!


*Johnny Soko And His Giant Robot: This is a TV serial which used to come when we were kids. We were all crazy for it and would not miss it at any cost. Though the serial is nothing compared to the modern sci-fi episodes and films, it used to take us to a different plane. We would all imagine ourselves to be Johnny Sokos and play imaginary games with our flying robots.


The day we met, our eyes and mind were set! It is you who will bring our vision, and you did it!

Team Creative Coconuts, Coconut Films

Even now when someone lauds us for our corporate identity and the 'lamb's bite', I proudly think of the creators - Bijit, Rajashree & Johnny Soko and the wonderful association we have had with them over the last 12 years.

Baudhayan Mukherjee, Founder Director at Little Lamb Films

``Thank You! The service was excellent. You are the next big thing.``

Saurav Saxena, Aries Agro

Our Clients

Some of our clients whom we are forever proud to be associated with.

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